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Windows COM Port Redirector

Simply route your serial COM port into the network

Whether it’s measuring, automation or building technology, the number of serial communicating devices with their associated control tools is enormous. One drawback to connecting these devices to the PC is the relatively short permissible distances and the cumbersome cable installation. Add to this the fact that hardly any modern PCs are still equipped with COM ports and that virtualizations using VMWare, HyperV and VirtualBox are becoming increasingly popular. The W&T COM Port Redirector provides an elegant workaround to this dilemma. Under Windows it provides up to 255 virtual COM Ports whose devices are distributed over Com-Servers in the TCP/IP network - if necessary worldwide and if desired also TLS-PSK encrypted. Already written serial software, even if already years in service, becomes network capable without having to write a single line of code. An added bonus of this solution is the simultaneous galvanic isolation between computer and the respective terminal device.


Function Overview

  • UP to 255 COM ports per computer
  • Supports virtual systems under VMWWare, HyperV, VirtualBox etc.
  • Automatic setting of transmission parameters on the Com-Server
  • Network connection TLS-PSK encrypted (optional)
  • Supported Windows environments:
    • XP/7/8/8.1/10/11 incl. all 64-bit and Server Editions
    • NT4.0, 2000
    • Win 9x/ME
  • Automatic inventorying of Com-Servers
  • Supports dynamic IP addresses in the Internet
    • Full TCP communication
    • DNS name resolution


  • System requirements/versions

    The COM Port Redirector is available in three versions for Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000 as well as all newer Windows versions from XP and higher. It can be installed in just a few steps and without restarting the computer: Install driver, link virtual COM to the IP address or URL, and connect the serial device with the Com-Server to the network ... that’s it! The application opens as usual, for example, the COM3 port, which however is now no longer local on the computer, but rather is located somewhere in the network.


    COM Port Redirector
    Plug & Play

    ... for all Com-Servers & current Windows versions

    COM Port Redirector

    ... for all Com-Servers, LAN Modem and Soft Links under Windows NT and higher

    COM Port Redirector
    Win 95/98/ME

    ... for Com-Servers under Windows 95/98

    EXE - approx. 15.8MB

    Revision list

    EXE - approx. 3.91MB

    Revision list

    [on request]

    Revision list
    Win XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 incl. 64-bit and Server editions YES YES
    (as legacy ports)
    Windows Plug & Play
    YES -- --
    Encrypted transmission
    via TLS-PSK
    YES YES --
    Support for W&T
    LAN modems
    and W&T Soft-Links
    -- YES --
    Windows NT/2000 -- YES --
    Windows 95/98/ME -- -- YES

    When sending serial protocols, such as Modbus, ensure that their timing permits network operation with the mandatory latency times.

    Go to practical example "Controlling a solar telescope"

Expanded functions

  • Companion-Tool for variable assignment of the COM ports

    Although up to 255 COM ports are supported on Windows systems, many programs are static in operation and provide the user, regardless of the number of COM ports actually existing in the system, with only 9 or even 4 COM ports. By using the Companion Tool you can still connect a virtually unlimited number of terminal devices to such programs. Before starting the application simply drag ’n drop the IP address of the Com-Server to the desired COM port. That’s it!

    Companion is included in the standard installation of the W&T COM Port Redirector.

    Companion Tool

  • Virtual modem ports

    (only COM Port Redirector Legacy, Art. No. 00102)
    Comparable to Voice-over IP, W&T LAN modems are used wherever charged dial-up connections need to be replaced by the often already existing network infrastructure. Instead of the old modems, LAN modems are installed and then the dial-up number replaced by the destination IP address in the AT dial-up command... that’s it! If the software side is a Windows application, you can eliminate the hardware LAN modem and instead use a virtual modem-modem port on the COM Port Redirector.

  • Soft-Link between 2 computers

    (only COM Port Redirector Legacy, Art. No. 00102)
    Imagine you have 2 Windows applications that can only exchange their data serially, but the computers have no free COM port available. The Soft-Link function allows you to make virtual serial connections over the Intra- or Internet, without any hardware. Interested ?

Article list

*Net unit price for
commercial users

    • Windows COM Port Redirector Plug & Play (XP, 7, 8.x, 10, 11 incl. all 64-bit and Server Editions)
    • 00111
    • free
    • Download
    • Windows COM Port Redirector Legacy
    • 00102
    • free
    • Download
    • Windows COM Port Redirector Win 95/98/Me
    • 00101
    • free
    • Download

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