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Data sheet:

OPC Server

Standard interface for visualization and SCADA systems

Uniform software interface via Data Access and Alarms&Events for W&T network components.


Function Overview

  • Implementation as Windows background service
  • OPC Data Access 3.0 (DA 3.0)
  • OPC Alarms&Events (A&E)
  • Comprehensive configuration tool
  • Support for all current Windows systems
  • Supported W&T network devices
    • Web-IO Analog
    • Web-IO Digital
    • Web-IO Climate
    • Com-Server

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the standard software interface for manufacturer-neutral reading of external data sources from within visualization and SCADA systems. Regardless of whether in process, automation or building technology, the W&T OPC Server handles device-specific TCP/IP communication with the Web-IOs and Com-Servers. The acquired measurement values are made available as DA items of OPC standard 3.0 to any desired local or network-distributed OPC clients. Integrated support of the OPC-A&E interface also allows lossless capture of events such as are generated by serial Com-Servers, RFID Servers or digital Web-IOs. Implementation as a Windows background service enables OPC connections without requiring the user to log in to the system.

The W&T OPC-Server can be used on the current Windows version of 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2008R2/8/2012/8.1/2012R2/10 incl. server-, 64-bit editions and virtual systems. After just a few installation steps use the convenient configuration tool to insert the desired W&T network devices with your IP address... and that’s it!

OPC Server configuration


  • System requirements

    • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2008R2/8/2012/8.1/2012R2/10 incl. server-, 64B-bit editions and virtual systems
    • Network card (Ethernet) and TCP/IP protocol