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USB Redirector for Linux

Access to USB devices via Ethernet

With the USB Redirector your USB devices connected over the network behave as if they were connected locally to your system.

Share important company resources such as a license dongle and make them available from a central location such as the server room.

This provides your employees or virtual machines with access from anywhere - even from a home office.

Function Overview

  • USB Redirector

    Install the USB Redirector and link your USB device through the USB Redirector - that’s it!

    Regardless of whether substituting for missing hardware USB ports, use in virtual environments or as a simple line driver: your USB communication is immediately network capable. The USB devices are thus linked to your computer as if they were plugged directly into it. No changes to your programs, drivers or work processes are needed.

    Interoperability guarantee

    We keep our word: "We can work with anything."

    Should a special USB device with its specific driver and version not run, we will perform an exact analysis to determine why your USB device is so unusual. By no later than this stage we are almost always able to change the behavior of our USB server such that it will also run with your device. If this somehow does not succeed, we will provide you with an exact technical error analysis. You can use this if needed to solve the problem with the help of the company that made your USB device.


  • USB Server as dongle server

    Transporting the necessary dongles back and forth between different computers or locations is eliminated with the USB server. A simple mouse click is all that is needed to transfer the license.
    To application: Protected operation of USB dongles in the network

    Diagram: USB as dongle
  • USB port for virtual and physical machines

    Thanks to the W&T USB Rerdirector the device behaves as if it were plugged directly into your computer - even from virtual environments.
    To application: Virtual USB Host Controller

    Diagram: USB in VM
  • Provide shared resources at a central location

    Operate USB devices such as scanners, cameras, printers, dongles etc. regardless of the cable length from your chosen operation sites.
    To application: Data filling station for BOS digital RF devices

    Diagram: Data filling station
  • Hardware-related development from home

    If multiple developers required access to the debugging and programming interface of a prototype or development system, you can provide the hardware debugger using a USB server. If visual contact is needed, for example to evaluate LED signals, a webcam can also be provided. For access to serial data simply add a COM Server to the setup.
    To topics page: Use USB devices in your home office as well

    Diagram: USB in home office
  • Remote maintenance from a home office

    Even routine maintenance tasks can be routed to the home office using the USB server. Machines and devices which receive maintenance through a USB interface provide this interface via VPN. Actual presence can then be limited to situations where physical access to the systems is absolutely necessary.

System requirements

The USB Redirector for Linux works with both 32- and 64-bit systems. In addition to a current kernel (version 4.4 or higher) all you need is USBIP or the VHCI kernel module.

  USB Redirector for Linux
  Revision list
Prerequisite Kernel version 4.4 or higher, requires VHCI kernel module
Virtual hosts Yes
Isochrone transfers Yes
Script-based control Yes
GUI control No
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