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Data sheet:

Parallel Signal Conditioner

  • Parallel Signal Conditioner

Operate printer up to 100 meters from the PC


General information

  • Plug-and-play
  • only one adapter at the PC
  • No separate power supply necessary
  • high transfer rate

Background information:

The printer port is specifically designed for high-transfer rate communication across cables of a length of max. 5 m. Even if the printer is only located next door, a longer cable might be required. When using cables longer than 5 m, incorrect data transfer might occur, which is often due to switching in the 230V power supply system (lamps, fans, elevators). If printers are to be located further away from the PC, both devices must have the same ground potential (grounded contact, or green/yellow ground wire). This is best achieved by laying a separate power supply cable from the power socket of the computer to the printer. To avoid this expenditure, use the Centronics line driver set. The integrated electrical isolation allows for the connection of the two devices to separate power circuits.

Technical data

  • Galvanic isolation:
    • none
  • Transfer rate:
    • 25 kcps
  • Max. distance:
    • 100 m
  • Signals:
    • all Centronics signals
  • Power supply:
    • through Centronics signals
    • no power adapter required
  • Current consumption:
    • approx. 500 uA
  • Input:
    • 25-pin SUB-D adapter
  • Output:
    • 25-pin SUB-D socket
  • Housing:
    • Plastic housing, 63x54x16 mm
  • Weight:
    • approx. 220 g
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 1 x parallel signal conditioner