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Press Release January 2011:

USB Isolator 1kV

Ground problems - no thanks!

The new USB-Isolator from Wiesemann & Theis enables galvanically isolated connection of USB peripherals to a USB host.

USB ports in stationary computers basically have no galvanic isolation of the USB interface from the rest of the computer hardware.

Whereas this situation does not represent a problem for all USB devices without their own ground reference, USB devices having a ground reference should be galvanically isolated from the computer.

This prevents ground loops with their unpredictable ground equalizing currents which affect data transmission and in extreme cases can destroy the interfaces.

Galvanic isolation can be simply achieved by inserting the W&T USB-Isolator into the existing connection cable of the USB device. No additional software or drivers are required.

The tiny housing of the USB-Isolator, the possibility of external power provision even for current-hungry peripherals and the switchable USB speed make the Isolator universally applicable.

The list price for the USB-Isolator 1kV is 98 Euros including the power supply.

The complete data sheet for the USB Isolator #33001 can be found at: http://www.wut.de/33001


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