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Digital I/O Com-Server, 12I/12O

Model 50210

Current firmware
Date Changes and comments Revision
January 25, 2008
  • Internal self-test correction
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Older firmware
Date Changes and comments Revision
May 30, 2006
  • Optimized configuration uploading
  • Cosmetic corrections in Telnet menu
  • Correction: Deactivation of an SNMP manager deactivated the entire SNMP service
on request
March 10, 2006
  • TCP checksum calculation expanded
  • Optimized generation of GARPs after reset and link loss
on request
November 25, 2005
  • Assigning the subnet mask and gateway address through the serial port
on request
April 19, 2005
  • Interoperability problems with some DHCP servers
  • Assigning/changing the IP address with WuTility is
    also possible for IP address > (only in conjunction
    with WuTility Version 2.61 and higher)
on request
November 16, 2004
  • Modified behavior in FTP client mode with
    serial login string
  • Revision of IP bus mode
on request
February 9, 2004
  • Introduction of an active keep-alive check.
    At adjustable intervals, the Com-Server verifies in a
    stand-alone fashion whether a TCP connection is still valid
  • Deactivation of the BOOTP client simultaneously
    switches off the RARP protocol too.
on request
March 13, 2003
  • Optimizing the control port 9094
  • Adapting the "UDP-Client with serial addressing" mode
  • Modifying the SNMP trap
on request
October 1, 2002
  • TELNET: Option with binary support
  • TELNET: Xon/Xoff handling optimized
  • TCP Server: Alternating access from Com-Port Redirector and normal socket connection possible
  • SNMP: Optimized walk over entire MIB
  • IO-UDP Mode: Outgoing data transmissions generated by the Com-Server go to a fixed destination address, even for data input from changing network stations
on request
March 21, 2002
  • BOOTP: Vendor-specific area with fixed length
  • FTP Client: Problems opening a connection and simultaneous long response times in the network eliminated
  • Control port 9094: Error with Clear_Break eliminated
  • Baud rate divisor is freely definable via Telnet configuration
on request
January 25, 2002
  • Sending of "Gratuitous ARP" at bootup
    (required for address management of some switches)
  • UDP Mode: Sending of broadcasts now possible
  • Optimized ARP handling
  • SLIP Mode: Problem when running without handshake eliminated
  • FTP Client: Problem when destination IP contains 0 bytes eliminated
    (applies only to some FTP servers)
on request
July 26, 2001
  • Visual corrections in Telnet configuration menu
  • FTP Client mode with serial protocol: To enable binary transmissions, the Protocol Char is no longer evaluated when using TYPE I. Connection is ended by means of Inactivity Timeout
on request
May 29, 2001
  • Digital I/O Com-Servers, all device revisions
on request
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