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Application for pure.box:

SMB sharing under Windows Vista and Windows 7

Here is how to configure Windows for accessing network sharing on the pure.box:

The pure.box supports access to the internal 750MB (approximate) internal memory via SMB sharing (SMB = Server Message Block). This function can be turned on or off in the device configuration under Home >> Configuration >> pure.box >> Network using the option Activate SMB server. Signing is then possible over using the Windows network environment.

It is not possible to log in to the SMB share under Windows Vista and Windows 7, including their server variants, using the standard operating system settings. These operating systems expect the authentication method MTLMv2, which is not currently supported by the pure.box. After entering and confirming the username and password, the login dialog always appears after attempting to log in. The solution to this problem can be found in the Control Panel under Administration...

  • Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.

  • First select System and Security, then Administrative Tools,...

  • ...then Local security policy,...

  • ...then Local policies,...

  • ...then Security options.

  • Double-click on Network security: LAN Manager authentication level and set the value to Send LM and NTLM responses.

    Confirm by clicking on OK.

  • Double-click on Network security: Minimum session security for NTLM-SSP based clients (including secure RPC clients) and uncheck the value Require 128-bit encryption.

    Confirm by clicking on OK and close all open windows from the configuration process.

    You can now access SMB sharing for the pure.box in the Windows network environment.