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Success story:

Strong doubles team
in the Racket Arena

Automated booking and building technology with eBuSy + W&T

Want to drastically reduce the energy consumption and staff costs in indoor sports facilities? No problem if you use the right technology. The Rhein-Erft Racket Arena, the largest tennis arena in the Rhein-Erft district, uses for this the eBuSy booking system from the company productive web. W&T network components connect the online system to the building technology on-site. This allows access, light, and optionally climate technology to be controlled automatically based on bookings, so that the spaces can be autonomously entered and used.

The Racket Arena operates 8 tennis courts and 4 badminton spaces with automated building technology.
© Racket Arena Rhein-Erft GmbH & Co KG

Simple system for reduced energy and personnel expenditures

Maintaining sports centres is an expensive proposition, especially since customer-friendly opening times from early morning to late in the evening and on weekends makes almost 24/7 opening necessary. Staff is not wisely used if the service is actually only needed at the beginning and end of the reservation times, with idle time in between and at less popular reservation times. The same is true of the energy consumption, when lights and air conditioning continue to run while the spaces are not being used. eBuSy makes it easy to book playing times online - while the necessary building technology for using the spaces is automated for the respective time slots. Access at the reserved time is automated via a transponder or entered code. But also the light and air conditioning can be automatically turned on and off again based on actual usage.


When a space is reserved using eBuSy, commands for controlling light, heating and access are generated. A code for opening the access door is made available to the member if needed. All the rest of the process is controlled by the W&T devices in the background. Correctly entering the access code on the keypad switches the output on a Web-IO, which in turn actuates the electric door opener. Outputs are also switched for activating the light and heating for the reserved time.

A single Com-Server can handle up to three doors, and just one Web-IO is all you need to handle the control tasks for door opener, light, ventilation, heating etc. If needed the capacity can be multiplied by installing additional units.

After booking on eBuSy the W&T devices control the respective electrical components and building technology systems.
The compact W&T components are installed in a central location. This example shows the EMC certified "DT WallBox eBuSy ES", which ensures high operating reliability and service friendliness.

Game, set and match!

The eBuSy light, door and climate controller is designed as an individual solution based on the needs of the customer. The customer installs the equipment. productive web recommends working with Dyseco Technologies as a partner company which uses the "DT WallBox eBuSy ES" to construct an individualized plug-and-play solution for the planned application and installs it at the customer. The eBuSy online booking system was developed by the productive web company, who also offer their own web solutions for business processes as well as consulting and service in the field of IT infrastructures. The doubles team of eBuSy and W&T components is used in over 800 sports and leisure facilities.

The close cooperation between eBuSy and W&T has turned into a success story for both sides. Our customers appreciate the possibilities of the eBuSy controller and the reliability ensured by the W&T components. [Rainer Schneider, productive web]

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