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Data sheet:

FTP Data Station

  • FTP Data Station

FTP and Samba server for DIN rail mount

The FTP Data Station offers the functionality of an FTP and Samba server in a compact package. Use these ways to access the internal memory of the box, or to directly access a connected data medium via USB.


Application example

You have several Web-Thermographs (e.g. Web-Thermograph Pt100/Pt1000 PoE) in your network and want to centrally archive their measurement values. Set each Thermograph for regular sending of the current measurement values via FTP. Specify your FTP Data Station as the FTP server. In this way you can create central measurement data archives in the internal memory of the box or on a connected USB storage medium, which are then available to you at any time for individual processing.

Addition: "Data filling station"

In development is the "data filling station" mode. Here files stored on the box are moved to a connected USB memory stick at the press of a key. Use this function for example to retrieve measurement archives from mobile equipment at regular intervals without the need for a network connection.
If you are interested in this or other modes, simply contact us.

General information

  • 750MB internal memory
  • Access to USB storage devices possible from the network
  • Memory access from any FTP clients or via SMB sharing
  • Thanks to Web Based Management complete configuration and control using your browser
  • secure configuration access using HTTPS encryption
  • Combination of multi-color LED and button for system status and device reset
  • Online switching of the system language between German and English
  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • High noise resistance per EN 61000-6-2
    • Low noise emission per EN 55032:2015 + A1 Cl. B, EN 61000-3-2 & EN 61000-3-3
  • 5 year guarantee

Technical data

  • Network
  • Connections
    • 1 x network (RJ45)
    • 1 x USB 2.0, Fullspeed (typical transmission speed: 1MB/s, max. single file size: 1GB)
    • 2 screw terminals for power supply (alternative to PoE)
  • LEDs
    • System status using multi-color LED
    • Current network speed and data transfer
  • Button
    • Manual device reset
    • Ejecting the USB storage medium
  • Supply Voltage
    • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
    • 24 ... 48V DC (+/-10%) using screw terminals
  • typ. current draw without USB storage medium
    • 100mA @ 24V
    • 50mA @ 48V
  • max. current draw with USB storage medium
    • 240mA @ 24V
    • 120mA @ 48V
  • Storage temperature:
    • -40 ... 85°C
  • Operating temperature:
    • Row mounting: 0 ... 65°C
    • Non-row mounting: 0 ... 70°C
  • Housing
    • Plastic compact housing (105 x 75 x 22mm)
    • Integrated DIN rail mount
  • Weight
    • approx. 140g
  • Memory
    • Internal memory for user data: 750MB
    • USB connectable: Storage media with FAT file system, no partitioning
  • Operating system
    • Linux, kernel: 2.6.23
  • Installed software
    • FTP server: vsftp v2.1
    • SMB server: Samba v2.2
    • Web server: lighttpd v1.4
    • Time server: openntpd v3.9
  • Scope of delivery
    • FTP Data Station
    • Quick start manual
    • W&T Product CD