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Press Release December 2011:

SD Data Station

SD memory card in the network

Wiesemann & Theis surprises with an unusual product: With the SD Data Station you can write to and read an SD memory card over the network just like a file server, or remove and transport it to another location. SC cards up to 32 GB are supported. The device also features a 750 MB internal fixed memory.

At first glance the network connection on the SD Data Station seems to make transport of the memory card superfluous. But network boundaries, slow, expensive or unreliable connections make the box a rugged problem solver in many applications, such as data collection on vehicles.

The data are available using the standard FTP and Samba (SMB) protocols. Security is assured by the required login with user name and password.

The network setup of the device is via DHCP or using the usual W&T WuTility inventory management tool. Using web-based management you can then further configure the SD Data Station.

The compact DIN rail style housing and the ability to power the unit with 24V...48V coming into screw terminals make it easy to install the device in a control cabinet. Alternatively you can operate the unit using "Power over Ethernet" (PoE).

For 198 € the SD Data Station is a high-value solution for moving interchangeable memory cards into the network.

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