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Press Release May 2017

Golang on the pure.box

Individual automation solutions in Golang on the pure.box

The "pure.box" communication and automation server from Wiesemann & Theis GmbH is simple to program using Google’s GO programming language. The result is individualized communication solutions for Industry 4.0, residential and building automation with little effort.

The year 2017 stands under the sign of Google’s programming language Go. This success is unsurprising: The TIOBE language of the year 2016 offers clear syntax, a comprehensive standard library and simple mechanisms for concurrent programming. A large developer community is providing countless libraries and software projects on GitHub, and Go is inherently able to support cross-platform translation for many different destination platforms.

With their pure.box Wiesemann & Theis provides an uncomplicated hardware platform for industry-ready communication and automation solutions. The ARM Linux system is configured in a Web interface and is thus ready for productive use in just a few minutes. In addition to a network connection the pure.box is equipped with a serial port (RS232/422/485) and/or a USB 2.0 port depending on the model.

Go applications can be effortlessly compiled directly for the pure.box. The result is a static linked application which is sent over the Windows network, FTP or Secure Copy. The program is started manually using the Secure Shell, time-controlled or automatically at system start.

Product Manager Patrick Knabe is enthusiastic: "A functional TCP server in Go is just a matter of a few lines of code." Libraries such as the MQTT client from the Eclipse PAHO project, the HTTP server or the JSON serializer from the standard library enable solutions for residential and building automation and Industry 4.0 to be developed with little effort.

Manuals, application examples and in-depth information is available at www.wut.de/go. Interested parties can test the pure.box at no charge for a period of four weeks.

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH was founded in 1979 by Reinhard Wiesemann and Rüdiger Theis. With 50 employees the company based in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen products microcomputer and network technology products and solutions. Even before the turn of the last century their digital I/O Com-Server appeared as the first network-based system for remote I/O. Wiesemann & Theis thus can look back over what will soon be a 20 year history in the field of Industry 4.0.

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pure.box image (W&T) The pure.box is a ready-to-use industrial PC for DIN rail mounting and is ideal as carrier hardware for your GO applications.

Go Gopher with pure.box (Gopher: CC-BY 3.0 by Renee French)

Click to view the video (W&T) This video on YouTube is a short introduction to Go.

You reach this video at YouTube by clicking on the following, whereby you use the provider Google and (at your own risk in terms of data protection ;) share data with it.

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