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MQTT – Communication in the Internet of Things

Drawing: 3 little men with tin can telephone

The terminal devices (clients) involved in MQTT communication open a connection to a central message service (server), the broker. Here they can act as publishers to publish messages or as subscribers to receive them. One prerequisite: the clients must be able to connect to the broker, regardless of whether in the internal network or in the internet.

MQTT was standardized by OASIS in 2013 and since then has been an important protocol for the Internet of Things.

New at W&T: The MQTT.box as a stand-alone broker for your network!

Introduction to MQTT

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MQTT clients

MQTT broker

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    MQTT.box on DIN rail


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  • Your own network. Your own brokers.

    With the MQTT.box from Wiesemann & Theis you can operate your own Mosquitto MQTT broker in the network - on a DIN rail in your control cabinet. A notable feature is the user management function, which together with the optional configuration of an Access Control enables reliable control of access rights.