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Application for USB-Server Industry:

USB-Server as global line driver

USB Server connected over the network

Definition of tasks

To operate USB devices remotely from the host PC, the limits of functionality and USB specifications are reached after just a few meters. In many applications from automation, medical technology or logistics there is often a need to operate the USB device remotely from the linking PC. The required distances are virtually unlimited, ranging from simple room-to-room communication to global connections.

The solution

The USB-Server and associated USB Redirector tunnel communication between the actual USB device and its driver through a TCP/IP/Ethernet connection. This means the USB-Server can be connected to the USB device at any desired location in the LAN. Galvanic isolation of the USB device is ensured by the Ethernet standard, which requires an isolation voltage of at least 500Vrms from each network node.

The details

  • 1. The USB-Server is connected to the network and receives its IP parameters via DHCP or using the WuTility management and inventorying tool.
    Photo of network socket
  • 2. The USB device is connected to the USB-Server.
    Photo of USB socket
  • 3. The W&T USB Redirector is installed and started on the desired PCs.
    USB Redirector
  • 4. The desired USB device is selected from the inventory list of the configuration tool and connected by mouse click.
    Dongle management
  • 5. Windows automatically detects the USB device connection, and after installing the device-specific drivers it can be used as if it were connected locally to the computer.
    USB dongle available