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Press Release February 2013:

W&T USB-Server with interoperability guarantee

Blue Wonder from Wuppertal

USB devices that run directly on a Windows PC are a dime a dozen. But problems begin when - connected over the network - they need to be operated remotely or alternately by multiple users.

To provide simple plug-and-play operation directly on the PC, the USB port requires a large array of various mechanisms which are interpreted and used widely differently by the respective device drivers. W&T says they have developed a USB Server which makes sense of all this. And to emphasize the point, the company provides an "interoperability guarantee." If a particular driver with a particular USB device does not function on the respective network, W&T will investigate this unique situation in detail and usually provide a solution. If even that does not provide a resolution, a detailed technical report is created.

Service like this does have its price: at 298.- Euros the USB-Server Industry Isochron is not exactly small change. But for a fully equipped device with all USB modes (including isochronous), with two independent USB 2.0 ports and its own Windows core driver, with industrial design in a DIN rail housing, 24V supply and industrial noise immunity, it’s also not asking too much.

Also of interest is the ability to use the USB-Server to easily power even virtualized PCs with (their own) USB ports, which then thanks to the network can be located anywhere in the world.

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