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Application for USB servers:

Incorporate TSS sticks in point of sale systems

Centralized and secure with the USB server

Photo of a point of sale system

Definition of tasks

To prevent data from electronic recording systems such as cash registers, point of sale or ERP systems being manipulated, operators are required to use a technical security system. Such a TSS saves and stores recordings according to the legal requirements.

TSS modules can for example be incorporated into USB sticks in recording systems. Especially systems having multiple checkouts, some of which may be distributed over different locations, require operators to not only simply integrate the TSS sticks but also to enable management centrally, simply and securely.

The solution: USB Server from W&T

With a USB Server, also called a USB-Device Server, you integrate all TSS sticks together at a central location. Here the relatively expensive sticks are easily accessible for maintenance and replacement and secure against theft or manipulation. With USB hubs you can even use up to eight TSS sticke per W&T USB Server.

Diagram: TSS stick at checkout through USB server

Implementation is quite simple: Set up the USB Server once, incorporate the TSS sticks into the respective register via USB Redirector, and use your checkout software as usual.

Virtualized systems - Thin clients

The USB Server can be used even in more complex scenarios, such as when the checkouts are realized only as thin clients without dedicated USB hardware and the register software is running on a virtualized Windows server. In this case the USB Redirector can incorporate the TSS stick on the virtualized system. A direct connection from checkout system to USB server is then no longer necessary.

Diagram: TSS stick at checkout via USB and terminal server
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Frequently asked questions:

A TSS stick is a simple hardware solution. The TSS module can be incorporated into the checkout system using a USB stick which has been certified by an authorized testing facility. All the processes are then stored locally. It is also possible instead to document the data on SD cards or in a cloud.

The TSS stick contains the security module. It applies a unique signature to each individual transaction. Signatures are numbered sequentially and contain time information for the transaction, so that gaps or potential manipulation becomes evident.

TSS is required for all operators of an electronic register system, regardless of whether retail, gastronomy, hospitality or industry. It’s not important whether traditional cash registers are incorporated into the system or whether checkout software is being used on terminal devices such as PCs, thin clients or smart phones. The security measures serve to standardize transactions for verification by the tax authority and to prevent fraud.

The USB Server extends the USB devices always 1:1 to a computer. This means that one TSS stick is required for each checkout.

To use a USB server, install a USB Redirector on the Windows system on which your checkout software is running, and create a network connection. With one click you can install and use the TSS stick in the USB Redirector as if it were connected directly to your terminal device. USB servers can be ordered for a 30 day test at no cost. Out team of applications engineers is happy to answer any questions you might have.