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Press release May 2015

USB-Server Gigabit

Access any USB devices over the network

Incorporating USB devices such as cameras, measuring instruments, dongles etc. into virtual systems or operating them over longer distances often creates practical problems for integrators and users: USB support for virtualization platforms is usually not sufficiently stable for professional industrial applications, and the cable limitation of approx. 5m is often much too restricting.

The new USB-Server Gigabit from Wiesemann & Theis offers a way to incorporate USB devices such as in AV or measuring technology over the TCP/IP Ethernet. The high-performance CPU core and gigabit network interface allow you to run even data-intensive USB devices remotely. The USB Port Redirector operates as a Windows counterpart to the USB Server. Its implementation as a core driver ensures transparent tunneling of the USB data even without a user login.

The USB-Server Gigabit features 2 USB 2.0 ports and an industrial-grade DIN rail housing. Power can be supplied either via PoE or externally with 24-48VDC. The list price is 298.- Euro plus VAT.

In addition to a no-obligation 30 day test of the devices, W&T offers an interoperability guarantee with the promise to analyze and - if possible - remedy any problems with special USB devices in special environments.

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