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Use USB devices in your home office as well

Home office graphic

The USB servers bring USB interfaces into the company network. Using a VPN you can now have access from remote locations. This makes work from a home office possible in many cases which otherwise require actual physical presence.

License dongles via VPN

Are you working with EPlan, a CAD software program or some other software protected by a company license? To be able to perform these work processes from home as well, simply connect your USB dongle to the USB server in the company, reserve the corresponding resource for your exclusive access and use the software as if the dongle were connected directly to your PC.

Hardware-dependent development from home

If multiple developers require access to the debug and programming interface of a prototype or development system, you can provide the hardware debugger with a USB server in the network. If visual contact is necessary, for example in evaluating LED signals, a webcam can also be provided. TO access serial data, complete the setup with a COM-Server.

Remote maintenance from a home office

Even routine maintenance tasks can be routed to the home office using the USB server. Machines and devices which receive maintenance through a USB interface provide this interface via VPN. Actual presence can then be limited to situations where physical access to the systems is absolutely necessary.

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