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W&T Interfaces
for TCP/IP, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, 20mA,
Glass and plastic fiber optic cabled, http, SNMP, OPC, Modbus TCP, I/O digital, I/O analog, ISA, PCI

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Applications for USB-Server:

Integrate USB devices into the network

in a universal and flexible way

USB-Server overview
Integrate any USB devices into the network


USB device sharing & line drivers

Data filling station for BOS digital radio

Network connection of programming stations for Sepura for the Wuppertal fire department
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Access USB cameras over the network

Access USB cameras over the network
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Remotely locating USB dongles into the network

Access to dongles from different computers with no cumbersome unplugging and plugging
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USB device in Wuppertal on PC in Berlin? No problem!

USB-Server with USB Redirector as global line driver including galvanic isolation
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USB in virtual systems

USB devices in virtual environments
Virtual USB host controller for virtual computers
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Faxing from a virtual server
USB fax modems in virtual environments
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Background information

USB-Servers and Com-Servers: More than simple device servers!

Com-Servers and USB-Servers are in a class of their own...

USB-Server FAQs

Startup, configuration, applications and application ideas.
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Internet ABCs and ABCs of network cabling

Terms frequently used in connection with network technology concisely explained
Internet ABCs
Network cabling