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Tutorial on USB servers:

USB sticks in the network

Incorporating USB devices such as USB sticks or dongles


Tunneling USB sticks through the network

You activate the video function using the following button, whereby you use the provider Google and (at your own risk in terms of data protection ;) share data with it.

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Tunneling USB sticks through the network

USB servers allow decentralized incorporation of USB devices over the network. For example, software which is protected by USB dongles and used by various desks in the company or from a home office. Here we would like to show you how to install the required W&T software, set it up and incorporate a USB stick on your Windows PC.

What you’ll need:

Do you not yet have a USB Server but would like to try out this example?

No problem: We will be glad to provide a USB Server at no cost for 30 days. Order it as a sample and we will ship you the USB Server for testing on open account. If you return the unit within 30 days, we will fully credit the invoice amount.

To sample orders

1. Install software

  • Open the product page on your USB Server by going to the URL wut.de/<Artikelnummer> using the five-digit article number for your device, e.g. wut.de/53663.

  • From "Tools" download the "USB Redirector" software and install it on your Windows PC.

2. Set up USB Redirector

  • After successful installation, the "USB-Redirector" software is started by clicking on the program icon.

  • On the screen a list appears with the USB-Servers contained in the network and all the connected USB devices.

    Screenshot of USB Redirector

3. Insert USB stick

  • Now the USB device connected to Port 1 of the USB Server is selected. Right-clicking on it lets you connect the device to the PC using "Join device".

    Join USB device screenshot
  • From now on your PC acts as if the USB stick were locally connected.

  • After installing the appropriate device driver the USB device is ready to use.