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Microwall Bridge:

Do it Yourself

Security for machines and systems

Machines, systems and other sensitive devices can be quickly and easily secured using the Microwall Bridge.
This industrial grade firewall isolates specific network devices on a network island. It segments your network based on individual communication rules: You can permit communication with selected network devices, users or services - all other undesired communication attempts will however fail.

Graphic: Island network

  • Graphic: Hammer

    Since no access to the IP setup or other configurations is necessary, integration and management require neither configuration data nor knowledge about the surrounding network.

  • Graphic: Hammer

    This targeted method of segmentation reduces the risk of mistakes in integrating to a minimum and reduces possible outages to the moment the respective network cable is unplugged.

Segmenting in just a few minutes, here’s how:

Web-IO 24V video

You activate the video function using the following button, whereby you use the provider Google and (at your own risk in terms of data protection ;) share data with it.

Enter YouTube

Video Microwall DIY
  • Starting up Microwall
  • Setting up firewall rules
  • Swap network cable of the device to be secured...
  • ...done!
  • Data sheet #55411

    Microwall Bridge on DIN rail
    Microwall Bridge

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  • Background information

    Sheet graphic

    Router- vs. Bridge Mode

  • Background information

    Sheet graphic
    Important firewall rules

    for configuring the W&T Microwall

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