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Press release November 2015

4-port Ethernet switch just 22.5mm wide

Power for connected devices included

Wiesemann & Theis has expanded their range of rugged network components with an Ethernet switch for industrial use.

In its basic function the compact switch provides four network connections 10/100BaseT. On the DIN rail it takes up just 22.5mm of space and can be powered by the usual 24V control cabinet voltage.

When powering via PoE Uplink (Power-over-Ethernet) or 48V the switch itself becomes the power provider, so that the connected network components can also be powered via PoE injection.

For devices which do not support PoE, the switch also provides separate 24V of power (PoE extraction). In mixed configurations both versions can be combined.

A useful extra for in-place diagnostics directly in the control cabinet is the small "port mirroring" switch.

W&T allows you to test any unit without obligation for 30 days.

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