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Application for Gigabit Ethernet Switch Industry, 4 port:

Connect Ethernet devices in the control cabinet

Normal operation

  • Standard Industry Switch for 24V power

    Standard Industry Switch for 24V power
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    The switch is externally supplied with 12V - 24V via the green terminal on the underside. The terminal devices connected to ports 1 - 3 are self-powered without PoE

    Standard Industry Switch for 24V power

Mirror port

  • Mirror network traffic

    Mirror network traffic
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    DIL switches 1 - 3 are used to select which port should operate as the mirror port (It is not possible to operate multiple ports as the mirror port). The entire network traffic passing through the switch is output on the mirror port. Since the mirror port has a read-only function, the PC connected to this port cannot access the network for normal operation.

    Mirror network traffic

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