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Turnkey MQTT broker for the control cabinet

MQTT Box photo

On-Prem solution for the DIN rail

The MQTT.box is a Mosquitto MQTT broker on its own hardware, conformal to industrial standard, for DIN rail mounting.

The user management enables multi-user operation. Building upon this any user can be given specific read and write authorization using the Access Control List (ACL). Together with encrypted communication the MQTT.box thereby meets the requirements for high security applications.

The MQTT protocol enables communication among automation devices as well as linkage to higher levels. The second network interface of the MQTT.box allows coupling of various network segments without permitting access to the other respective sub-network.


  • Chip

    Dedicated hardware

    The MQTT.box is a complete solution for use in the control cabinet while conforming to the standards for operation in the industrial sector.

  • House


    No external maintenance and care, but rather your own service. You have control over your own data.

  • Little men

    Users and access rights

    The user management and individual read and write authorizations ensure high security.

  • MQTT logo

    Eclipse Mosquitto

    Widely used MQTT broker with large community and continual improvements.

  • 6 corner


    Two network interfaces enable positioning at network borders and coupling of network segments.

  • Network socket with lightning

    Power over Ethernet

    Supply via PoE. External supply using screw terminals also possible

Data sheet:

MQTT.box – #55990

The benefits at a glance

  • Graphic: screwdriver

    Fast setup

    Connect, assign IP, configure in the browser, done!

  • Graphic: 24/7

    Secure continuous operation

    Industrial grade hardware, rugged operating system, low heat build-up

  • Graphic: battery

    Low current consumption

    Current consumption just 100mA at 24V – more efficient than an industrial PC or most controllers.

  • Computer screen with code

    Easy to adapt

    Easy integration with common IoT, industry and web protocols.

  • Support

    When you need us you won’t end up in some call center. Direct contact to engineers who understand you and your project.

  • Our promise

    Long service life, with a 5-year guarantee, long-term availability and fast solutions when there’s a problem.

Test now for 30 days!
*No risk: Commercial customers can also test the MQTT.box for 30 days at no charge.
If the MQTT.box doesn’t meet your needs, you can simply return it within 30 days.