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Islandization with small firewalls

Greater security for machines, devices and systems

The Microwall Gigabit protects potentially vulnerable networks in production, medicine and building management.

The Microwall

Whether machine tool, x-ray machine or elevator controller: The Microwall Gigabit isolates sensitive systems from the surrounding network. It controls, monitors and logs communication with this safe island using basic rules.

By using the Microwall to isolate you increase the security level in your network - simply but effectively.

Brief explanation:
Firewalls, segmenting and isolation

Application example: Isolating a CNC milling machine in the network

Firewall on CNC milling machine

This application example shows how you can isolate a CNC milling machine with 24 open ports behind a Microwall so that no ports are still visible in the surrounding network. By specifying a single firewall rule it can still access the production data server without limiting functionality.

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