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Data sheet:

Web-IO 2x/8x Thermometer

  • Web-IO 8x Thermometer

Temperature monitoring from a browser, SNMP, e-Mail, UDP


General information

  • Output functions
    • Direct access to current measured values and value archive via browser
    • Java applet for integration in your own Web pages
    • Targeted temperature polling for integration in any application
    • Excel download for post-processing the measured values
    • SNMP polling of the measured values
    • Modbus polling of the measure values (optional, please inquire)
  • e-Mail generator
    • for alarms when limits are exceeded
    • Configuration with various technologies
  • for cyclical reports
    • via browser with selection tree, password protection for a complete configuration session, default restore option
    • XML down- and upload for independent archiving and series configuration
    • SNMP
  • Adapters:
    • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
    • 8 signal inputs, optional NTC, PT-100 2- or 4-wire
    • One NTC temperature sensor included
  • Easy Start:
    • Connect sensor and network cable
    • Connect supply voltage
    • Assign IP number
    • That’s it!
  • Application examples:
    • Monitor temperatures in the server room, network cabinet or office
    • Direct display of multiple measuring points in the browser via Java applet
    • Send alarms when limits are exceeded via e-mail, SNMP trap, TCP client
    • Logging of the measured values via Excel file, e-mail attachment, internal memory

Technical data

Article number: #57603 #57604
Main selection criteria: Web-IO 2x Thermometer Web-IO 8x Thermometer
Temperature sensor: NTC and PT100 connection
Network: 10/100BaseT
Supply voltage: 12-24V AC / DC using screw terminal
Price: 398 Euro 498 Euro
Measuring unit:  
max. number of sensors: 2 8
Temperature sensors: NTC 10k, PT100-connection, 2-,3- or 4-wire
Measuring range: -45°C...75°C
Resolution: 1/10 °C
Measuring error: ±0,3°C, ±5% (NTC)    ±0,3°C, ±2% (PT100)
Storage frequency: 1, 5, 15, 60 min
Memory depth: min. 14 days, max. 16 weeks min. 8 weeks, max. 16 weeks
Deviation of the internal clock: max. 4.32 min. / month
Other data:  
Galvanic isolation: Measurement inputs to network: min. 500V
E-mail function: Mail for sending alarms or as reporting function
Supply voltage: DC 12V (-5%) - 34V (+5%)
AC 9Veff (-5%) - 24Veff (+5%)
Current consumption: 120mA, typ. 85mA @24VDC
Emergency access: RS232 serial port, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Housing: Plastic compact housing, 106.8 x 87.8 x 62.6 (l x w x h)
Weight: approx. 200g
Ambient storage temperature: -40..+70°C
Ambient operating temperature: 0 .. +60°C
Scope of delivery: Plug-in power supply, 1x NTC sensor with 1m cable included