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Application for Web Thermometers:

Limit value alerts

sent via TCP client


Send limit value alarms and information messages via a TCP client and receive alarm messages from the sensor using your own TCP server applications - here you will learn how that works:

1. Configuration of your Web Thermometer

  • Start up your unit by connecting the sensor, power supply and network cable and assigning an IP address using WuTility or DHCP. Then open the browser.

    Web-Therm configuration

2. Configuration of a TCP message

  • Configure a new message using the menu item "Alarms/Message" by first creating a trigger condition.

    Create trigger condition screenshot
  • In the "TCP Message" field enter a recipient address, a port number and a corresponding text. The function is now ready to use.

    Setting up a TCP alarm screenshot

3. Operation

  • When the specified limit is violated (over or under) the message is sent to your TCP server application via TCP client.

    TCP message screenshot
Do you not have a Web Thermometer but simply want to try this out using the example?

No problem: We will be happy to provide you with a unit for 30 days at no charge. Order the Web Thermometer as a sample and we will ship it to you for testing on open account. If you return the unit within 30 days, we will mark the invoice as fully paid.

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