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Application for Web Thermometers:

Print graphical display

To print the graphical display of Web Graphs firmware version 1.50/1.39 and higher the Web browser needs special settings for print behavior. These are explained in the following for three browsers.

Configuration of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x and higher

  • Select Tools -> Internet Options

    Tools -> Internet Options
  • On the Advanced tab check the option "Print background colors and images" and confirm with OK.

    Print background colors and images

Configuration of Mozilla Firefox 2.x and higher

  • Select
    File -> Page Setup...

    Page Setup
  • Check the option "Print Background (colors and images)" and confirm with OK.

    Print Background (colors and images)

Configuration of Opera 9.x and higher

  • Select
    File -> Print Options...

    Print Options
  • Check the option "Print Page Background" and confirm with OK.

    Print Page Background