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Application for Web-Graph Air Quality:

Air quality measurement in enclosed spaces

Air quality measurement

If value is placed not only on need-based building ventilation, but also on increasing well-being and performance of persons, the solution can be monitoring air quality with the Web-Graph Air Quality.

The VOC sensor in the device is simply installed in the area where many people meet or where building odors can be expected. Opening and closing of the windows in this area is then recommended or automatically controlled based on the VOC values determined.

The measured data are stored long-term directly in the device and can be conveniently verified in the browser. If needed this data can also be viewed in the W&T cloud or a private cloud online from anywhere.

Here’s how it works:

  • Application and proper sensor installation

    Install sensor
  • Simple startup for the W&T Web-IO

  • Reading measurement data in the browser

    Open browser
  • Optional: Configure cloud access

    Open browser