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Press Release July 2014:

VOCs - Fresh air instead of stale

Feelings of unwellness are often closely connected to the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many VOCs have an effect on our health; odorous compounds in high concentrations are especially detrimental to feelings of well-being. They can not only cause fatigue but also reduce performance.

With the new Web-Graph Air Quality from Wiesemann & Theis no one has to sit in stale air any more. The air quality of offices, conference rooms or classrooms can now be easily monitored based on temperature, relative humidity and VOC levels and the air then ventilated as needed.

The sensor has a measuring range of 0–85 °C, 5–95% RH and 450–2000ppm CO2-equivalent for VOCs. Measured data are stored locally for up to 8 years and can be logged via FTP, an Excel file or as an email attachment. Data can also be stored in the W&T cloud.

Current measurement values can also be viewed in a browser or integrated into your own web pages. The air quality is indicated by a configurable LED traffic light type array on the sensor. When limits are exceeded this can be reported via email, SNMP trap, TCP client of syslog.

W&T makes it possible for you to try out the unit for up to 30 days in your own atmosphere before the purchase price of 398.- € is due.

Who wants to voluntarily work in stale air and engage in tedious discussions about the necessity of ventilation?

For more information go to www.wut.de/voc


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