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Press Release May 2014:

W&T Cloud Service

Reliably document temperature and relative humidity online

Regardless of whether you are monitoring the storage of goods or the environmental quality of people, animals or machines: air quality factors such as temperature and relative humidity need to be continually checked and recorded.

If personnel are changed on an alternating basis, this too needs to be factored in to the reading and recording of the measurements. And it’s all to easy to create gaps in the recording.

With its Web-Thermo-Hygrographs W&T offers a comprehensive solution which passes the data directly from the measuring point to the cloud. There the data can be easily viewed by any authorized user using a browser.

Here is how it works in detail: The sensor used is a combined temperature/humidity probe having a measuring range of -40°C to 85°C for temperature and 0 to 100% RH for relative humidity.

The measured data are stored directly on the sensor for anywhere from 10 months to 8 years depending on the user-set interval and can be viewed directly from a browser as needed. The storage capability also allows longer interruptions in the internet connection to be bridged. Once the internet is available again the data are automatically updated to the cloud.

In setting up the measurement location the Web-Thermo-Hygrograph doesn’t even need to be configured; it automatically establishes its connection to the cloud. Using a unique device code the user can there add his device to the user account.

A clear overview and convenient navigation through the measurement series is provided in the cloud. Multiple measuring locations are combinable in a chart or a view so that locations and/or values can be compared with each other.

W&T allows you to try out the devices yourself for up to 30 days before the purchase price of 348 € comes due.

Security-minded users can also take comfort in knowing that even such seemingly innocuous information as temperature values are sent from the Web-Thermo-Hygrograph to the cloud using the same SSL technology used to protect banking information.

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