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Application for Web-IO Digital / Web & E-Mail:

Send switching signals by e-mail

Faults or operating states in building technology, automation technology or other systems are often indicated using digital outputs. In many cases sensors provide potential-free contacts or voltage or current outputs in order to connect signal lamps or other annunciators.

One drawback to such fault messaging is that it requires continual attention by responsible personnel.

Incorporating the Web-IO Digital into the existing network allows you to capture fault reporting signals. Up to 12 messages which trigger sending of an email can be defined. Triggers for the alarm can include the status of the inputs, the outputs, or even a fixed time interval.

This ensures that fault reporting signals relevant for example to limit violations will be noticed by responsible personnel even if they are only present for a short time. An email message can also be sent to multiple recipients.

Report limit violations

Existing systems can incorporate the Web-IO Digital to achieve this email function. Even older PLC setups can be easily retrofitted.

Product Selection



Nominal voltage12V or 24V (switching threshold +8V)

Outputs (optional )

Nominal voltage12V or 24V
(permitted range 6-30V, max. 500 mA)
potential-free contact, max. 48V/5A
using corresponding coupling relays for 230V

  • Web-IO 2xDigital Input, 2x Digital Output2x In, 2x Out
  • Web-IO 12xDigital Input, 12x Relay Output12x In, 6x relays Out
  • Web-IO 12xDigital Input, 12x Relay Output12x In, 12x Out
Product Selection

  • Ethernet portConnect the Web-IOs to a free Ethernet port and provide power
  • In/OutConnect up the inputs and outputs
  • Assign IP addressAssign the Web-IO Digital an IP address
  • ConfigurationConfigure the Web-IO Digital in the browser

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