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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

Monitor digital signals and send alarm messages to a cell phone using SMS

It’s not always possible to have an employee continually monitor technical processes. In CNC production machines which have been set up for continuous processing often run unattended during the night. If a fault occurs, the machine will turn itself off and there will be no actual damage, but production has still been stopped. Production does not resume until the responsible employee comes by the next time (often not until the next morning).

By connecting the fault message output on the machine to a Web-IO signal, the responsible employee can be notified of a fault via SMS and can respond quickly.

Fault message signal via SMS

The following example shows the steps needed to receive messages from the Web-IO on a cell phone using SMS. Email to a cell phone using SMS

Most cellular phone providers now offer the possibility of setting up an e-mail address for the cell phone connection. The provider uses SMS/MMs to forward e-mail sent to this address on the cell phone.

Ask your mobile phone network provider for more detailed information about this service.


You have already provided your Web-IO Digital

Configuring the Web-IO

To change the configuration of the Web-IO you first need to obtain the necessary access rights by entering the administrator password.

Configuring digital IOs

All the basic settings necessary for sending e-mail can be made from the browser on a clearly structured configuration page. Of course the Web-IO also supports modern authentication techniques such as ESMTP and SMTP after POP3.

Digital SNMP

Depending on the Web-IO model you can define up to 12 alarms which trigger sending of an e-mail. Triggers for the alarm can include the status of the inputs/outputs or a fixed time period.

TCP Client

The receiver and structure of the e-mail are configurable. An alarm mail can also be sent to multiple recipients.

Port Number

Then the settings are saved in the Web-IO.

Session Control

The Web-IO® is now configured for sending e-mail and can also send SMS to the cell phone.

You don’t have a Web-IO yet but would like to try the example out sometime?

No problem: We will be glad to send you the Web-IO Digital 2xInput, 2xOutput at no charge for 30 days. Simply fill out a sample ordering form, and we will ship the Web-IO for testing on an open invoice. If you return the unit within 30 days, we will simply mark the invoice as paid.

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