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Application example for the Web-IO Digital

Control Web-IO Digital using a smartphone

Getting started with the smart home using iPhone etc. for remote control

Switching with a smart phone

Smart phones are carried by nearly everyone today. In addition to the original idea of being able to phone from everywhere, they provide a means of connecting to the Internet. The iPhone in particular has acquired almost cult status. Together with the Wieseman & Theis Web-IO Digital boxes, smart phones like the iPhone can be used as remote control for home and building technology.

Ad hoc access on the smart phone

All Web-IO models offer smart phone users a web page customized for the phone display size.

The smart phone page is based on JavaScript and AJAX and communicates continuously with the Web-IO. This means when correspondingly configured you can directly access the in- and outputs. Whenever a state change is detected on the inputs, outputs or counters, the web page is automatically refreshed. Of course the web pages prepared by Wiesemann & Theis can be adapted to your own needs by making slight changes. The smart page offers the following functions:

  • Dynamic display of the inputs
  • Dynamic display of the outputs
  • Operation and display of the outputs
  • IO names configured in the Web-IO are copied over
  • Password protected access
  • No apps required


Once these steps are completed the Web page can be displayed in the smart phone.
The page is opened as follows: http://<ip-adresse>/smart

The first time the smart page is opened it requires a password. The password can be stored on the smart phone so that the login procedure can be skipped.

Communications channels

Mobile phones like the iPhone can open the connection to the Internet either over the public cell phone network (UMTS/GPRS) or via a WLAN connection or hotspot. Both the access speed and any fees vary considerably.

If you want the Web page to be opened on the smart phone for a longer period of time, bear in mind any resulting fees for accessing the cell network.