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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

Switch the outputs on a Web-IO Digital using a Mobotix camera and softbuttons on a webpage

Network cameras have become commonplace for building monitoring and property surveillance. The functional scope of today’s IP cameras extends far beyond just displaying monitoring images.

Using cameras made by Mobotix you can for example position softbuttons on a webpage which when clicked send data to another network device.

Control Web-IO Digital using Mobotix camera

For example you can send a switching command to a W&T Web-IO Digital which then turns the grounds lighting on or off.

Setting up such a switching button is quite simple. Simply download the short description here.


You don’t have a Web-IO® yet but would like to try the example out sometime?

No problem: We will be glad to send you the Web-IO Digital 2xInput, 2xOutput at no charge for 30 days. Simply fill out a sample ordering form, and we will ship the Web-IO for testing on an open invoice. If you return the unit within 30 days, we will simply mark the invoice as paid.

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