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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

Control roller shutter from a PC or smart phone

The majority of today’s window roller shutters is equipped with an electric drive. These are usually operated via buttons or switches attached directly to the corresponding window.

By retrofitting a Web-IO you can allow electric roller shutters to be remotely operated from a PC, smart phone or iPhone.

Roller shutter control with iPhone

Control of the roller shutter is from the browser in a web page which is directly loaded from the Web-IO. Except for the existing networjk structure no additional servers or controllers are needed. Web pages adjusted for resolution are available for smart phones or the iPhone.

If there is WLAN access, the example shown functions on all iPod Touch models!

The electrical connection is in most cases quite simple. For systems in which buttons are used for manual operation (press the direction button once - the shutter starts, press again and the shutter stops), the circuit can employ the Web-IO Digital as well as manual operation, as shown in the following example.

Wiring diagram for shutter to Web-IO

The electrical interface may vary depending on the roller shutter system.

To link the Web-IO Digital to the existing network all that is needed is a free switch port and a patch cable.

Since the outputs are only supposed to poll the roller shutter with a short pulse, a pulse length of 1000ms should be specified for both outputs.

Setting pulse length

That’s it!

You don’t have a Web-IO yet but would like to try the example out sometime?

No problem: We will be glad to send you the Web-IO Digital 2xInput, 2xOutput at no charge for 30 days. Simply fill out a sample ordering form, and we will ship the Web-IO for testing on an open invoice. If you return the unit within 30 days, we will simply mark the invoice as paid.