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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

Configure Web-IO Digital for Box-to-Box operation

Configuration of the Box-2-Box Master

  • To change the configuration of the Web-IO you first need to obtain the necessary access rights by entering the administrator password.

    Box to Box Master
  • TCP protocol handles communication on the network. The B2B master takes over the function of the client and must be set accordingly:

  • From the menu tree select Communication channels >> Box-to-Box and in the configuration window as part of the Box-to-Box master connection.

  • Under Slave Password enter the password of the Web-IO which you are using as the Box-to-Box slave. In addition, the Slave IP and the local port set in the slave must be entered.

  • Now enable the desired outputs for switching and confirm with Apply.

    Web-IO Box-to-Box
  • The Box-to-Box master is now ready to use.

Configuration of the Box-2-Box Slave

  • Just as with the Box-to-Box master, you must first log in with Administrator rights.

  • The B2B slave takes on the role of the TCP server and must be configured accordingly.

    Box-to-Box slave
  • After entering the local port number and the outputs needed for switching, the Box-to-Box connection is fully configured and the two Web-IOs should connect to each other over the network.

  • No PC is now required for further use.

Also interesting: With Box-to-Box 2 an additional box-to-box connection can be configured to create a kind of Y-structure.

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