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Press Release March 2011:

Bridging the gap between Modbus and the Web

Trigger sending of e-mail using ’Write Coil’

The Web-IO products from Wiesemann & Theis can now be accessed via Modbus TCP. In addition to accessing inputs, outputs and counters, this gives the new Web-IO generation two more special options:

1. A Modbus master can trigger sending of freely configurable messages via e-mail, SNMP trap or syslog by writing to a special address range, for example by using Write Coil. Writing log files via FTP is also possible by this means.

2. The Web-IO provides virtual memory in the form of 64x 16-bit registers which can be written to by the master. The contents of these registers can be viewed immediately on an already integrated web page.

The virtual memory can however also be read out using http requests. Using web techniques such as JavaScript, AJAX or PHP the processes of Modbus systems can then be displayed in the browser as needed. The Modbus technique is supported by all new Web-IO Digital and Analog products. Modbus will soon be implemented in the Web-Thermographs as well.

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