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Press Release August 2010:

Program timer switch with Outlook or Google calendar

Schedule switching times in your favorite calendar

What is already common practice for electronic pocket calendars and Smartphones is now also supported by the Web-IO Timer Switch from Wiesemann & Theis: Switching times are simply entered, just as with normal appointment scheduling, in Outlook, Sunbird or the Google online calendar.

Complex switching scenarios including weekends, holidays and events can be viewed at a glance.

Using an iCal file you can conveniently upload the switching times over the network or through the browser function of the Web-IO from your desk. In addition the Web-IO can be configured to automatically compensate the switching times online. Later changes in the calendar are thus accounted for in just a few minutes.

To switch an output at a non-scheduled time, simply do this from the browser. To switch spatially separated switching points at the same time, you can use a shared calendar.

The Web-IO 2xDigital Model #57637 features 2 switching outputs. Older Web-IOs of this model can be updated to the timer switch function at no cost by updating the firmware. The list price for the Web-IO 2xDigital is 298 Euro plus V.A.T.

To learn what else the Web-IO #57637 can do, go to /57637


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