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Application for Web-IO Analog-In:

Sending measurement values from a truck scale over the network

Measurement values for a truck scale

Definition of tasks

The weights of a truck scale for a transport company need to be saved to the internal FTP server for archiving and verification. There is an available network port to the house network of the company.

The solution

The Web-IO Analog-In can be connected directly to the 0...20mA output of the scale. The FTP server is already in place. The device uses an entered limit value to recognize that there is a truck on the scale and sends the weight to the server.


  • 1. The scale was connected directly to the 0...20mA port on the Web-IO Analog-In.
  • 2. The Web-IO Analog-In was connected to an available Ethernet port and provided with power.
    Ethernet port
  • 3. An IP address was assigned to the Web-IO Analog-In.
    IP address
  • 4. The browser was used to configure a limit value which represents the trigger for an arriving truck. After configuring the FTP parameters the application is ready to use.

Further practical examples: