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Application for Web-IO Analog-In:

Sending analog values over the network using measurement transducers

Analog measurement values

Definition of tasks

All the measurement values for a production system need to be saved to the company’s internal SQL server for archiving and further processing.

The solution

Measuring transducers are used to connect the individual measurement points to Web-IO Analog-In devices. After assigning the network parameters, these are first made available in the network. The W&T Tool Sensobase® is installed on a client, and the tool collects the measurement values and forwards them to the local SQL server.


  • 1. The measurement points for the production system are connected to the Web-IO Analog-In using measuring transducers.
  • 2. The Web-IO Analog-In was connected to an available Ethernet port and provided with power.
    Ethernet port
  • 3. The W&T tool Sensobase® is installed on a client PC and the parameters for the plant’s internal SQL server configured.
    W&T Sensobase® tool
  • 4. The measurement values are now sent cyclically every minute to the SQL server.
    The measurement values

The tool

The W&T tool Sensobase® is available for free downloading here, or from the W&T product CD.

Further practical examples: