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Press release July 2009:

Web-IO Digital Logger

Signal data logger and network switch

Nearly a million switching events can be stored in sequence in the internal memory, since only the individual switching events with their respective time stamp and not the cyclical process representations in fixed time intervals are stored.

The six digital signal inputs can handle switching voltages of up to 30V DC. But potential-free contacts can also be used for controlling.

This means the Web-IP Digital Logger is ideal for operating and machine data acquisition and many other monitoring tasks.

In addition to general data recording, 12 alarms can be defined. An alarm message can be sent regardless of configured IO patterns or a defined number of switching actions using standard TCP/IP services with as email, SNMP trap or http request. The exact time of the alarms is stored in the logger. The 100Mbit network access and integrated Web Server allow quick viewing of the saved data directly from the browser. Of course the accumulated data can also be downloaded in whole or in part from the device as a CSV file.

If there is corresponding access authorization, the Web interface also allows direct access to the six switching outputs. Access from your own applications via TCP/IP sockets or OPC is also available.

The Web-IO Digital Logger is supplied in a DIN rail mount housing and costs 398.- € plus VAT where applicable.

For additional information and all technical data, go to: http://www.wut.de/57650


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