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Application for the IP-Watcher

Monitor alarm states in the browser and acknowledge alarms

Conveniently monitor your configured alarms in the browser. The self-refreshing display means you always see the current alarm status. Clearable alarms can be acknowledged by clicking in the browser.

  • Easy Start
    Once the IP-Watcher has been configured for your network and connected, the following steps are necessary:
    Step 1
  • Enter the IP address of the device in the address line of your browser.

    This takes you to the start page where the status of all the configured alarms is clearly shown.

    Updating is cyclical, once every second.

    Step 2
  • To acknowledge clearable alarms, administrator or operator rights are required. Log in using the dialog box in the upper right corner of the window.

    The corresponding buttons for sensing an acknowledgement are shown after you have successfully logged in.


    Step 3