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Application for the IP Watcher

Use IP Watcher as time server

If the IP-Watcher has obtained its information from a host time server, it can offers in turn its querying clients a time server service. Communication is via SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol). In the following the necessary steps for activing the time server service are described.
  • Easy start
    Once the IP-Watcher has been configured for your network and connected, the following steps are necessary:
    Step 1
  • Enter the IP address of the device in the address line of your browser.

    Show the configuration menu.

    Select menu point Config and log in.

    Step 2
  • Go to the page

    Config >> Device >> Basic Settings >> Network

    and enter any missing network parameters.

    Important here is a valid DNS server, so that the time server host names can be resolved.

    Step 3
  • Go to page

    Config >> Device >> Time/Date >> Time Server

    and enable the option Apply TimeServer. This allows the IP-Watcher to synchronize its system time cyclically with the time server you have entered.

    In the default setting two valid time servers are already entered. These can of course be replaced.

    Step 4
  • Also enable the option SNTP Service to start the time server service of the IP-Watcher.

    As soon as the device itself has obtained the time from one of the entered time servers, it replies to SNTP requests from querying clients.

    Exit configuration mode using Logout and save all your changes.


    Step 5