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Press release June 2009:


Immediately detect network interruptions

The new "IP Watcher" from Wiesemann & Theis GmbH enables continuous monitoring of network components and notifies you as soon as devices are no longer responding.

Monitoring is accomplished using IP addresses stored in the IP Watcher which are cyclically pinged. If there is no reply to a request as part of the alarm configuration, an alarm is triggered. This is done either by switching actuators or sending a message over the network (e-mail, SNMP trap, syslog message, FTP upload, TCP or UPD client message).

The devices is enclosed in a compact DIN rail mount housing, which in addition to a Web server also provides space for two digital inputs and two digital outputs. In case of an alarm local annunciators can be switched using the digital outputs. The digital inputs to provide acknowledgement of pending alarms directly on the unit.

If the IP Watcher is embedded into a network, the device and alarm configuration is accomplished using Web pages which the internal Web server provides. In addition, self-refreshing overview pages can be opened which display the current alarm status. Here you can also acknowledge pending alarms by mouse-click. The device can thus be operated from any browser without having to install additional plug-ins.

In addition to the fully integrated software reporting center, the IP Watcher also offers a time server for an additional 298 Euro. This reports its current system time to querying clients using Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).

For additional information and all technical data, go to: http://www.wut.de/57654


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