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Application for the IP Watcher:

IP Watcher issues an alarm when the camera cannot be reached

Especially in safety applications many network components run inconspicuously in the background without requiring any user action. One example is IP cameras, which use motion detection to only record images when something happens within the field of view. If the camera fails, for example because of a network cable problem, this is often not noticed until there is actually a break-in and it turns out no images were recorded.

IP Watcher issues an alarm

Normally the camera sends its images to a video server, where they are stored as a monitoring video.

The IP Watcher prevents such occurrences, using configurable cycles to verify whether a terminal device is responding to a ping. If there is no response, the IP Watcher can use a switching output to turn on a warning light or siren. The IP Watcher can also send an email directly to the responsible person.

Up to 250 network devices can be monitored in this way.

Would you like to simply try it out?

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