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Press Release October 2010:

Response to SNMP Traps

Received message from the network switches consumers

The new W&T Trap Receiver 2x2 Digital I/O uses SNMP traps to switch lamps and horns, open doors, close roller blinds and activate fans or heaters. All without a PC, right out of the box.

When it comes to network components such as servers, printers, routers and switches SNMP has established itself as the standard for configuration, control and monitoring. The devices send SNMP traps when certain events occur such as limit violations, malfunctions or access to critical areas.

To respond to network events the small blue box from W&T provides two digital outputs. At a price of € 298.00 the box offers an integrated software messaging center as well as PoE power supply (Class 1, < 2.4 W).

W&T allows you to test any unit without obligation for 30 days.


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