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Data sheet:

Web-IO Analog-In/Out 2x 0..10V PoE

  • Analog-Out 0..20mA

Measure, tunnel, output analog signals...

The combined solution for analog in- or output signals brings your measurements into the network and back to the terminal. Use the Web-IO Analog-In/Out to measure analog signals, tunnel them over the network and output them again as analog signals at a remote location.


Analog connection:

  • Two channels, selectably configurable as:

    • Voltage input:
      • Input signal: 0..10V, 1MOhm
    • Voltage output:
      • Output signal: 0..10V, Imax 15mA


  • Monitor analog measurements and processes from a browser
  • Alarm and reporting function:
    • E-mail for alarm or reporting functions
    • SNMP polling / alarm traps
    • Up to 8 alarm messages can be configured
  • Box2Box mode tunnels analog signals between two devices
  • Set analog values via socket command, direct entry or slider

    Web-IO Analog Out Slider
  • Interactive display, custom scalable
  • Dynamic integration into other Web sites:
  • Direct access to current measurement values via AJAX, JavaScript and Java applet
  • Additional software interfaces for incorporating into your systems/databases:
    • OPC server
    • Syslog
    • Sensobase (database integration via ODBC)
    • TCP and UDP sockets, client and server
    • FTP (data logging)
    • Modbus TCP
  • Possible applications:
    • Connect each sensor with 0..10V output and monitor measurements
    • Control analog actuators over the network
    • Network as extension: tunnel analog values via Box2Box mode
    • Direct display of multiple measuring points in the browser via Java applet
    • Logging of measurements via FTP, Excel file, email attachment and internal memory

Data logger:

  • Internal data logger
    • Memory capacity: min. 150 days, max. 99 years
    • Save frequency: 15s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 15m, 60m
  • Document measurement data online in the W&T Cloud and access from anywhere in the world
  • Internal clock
    • Time synchronization via time server calibration
    • Battery-backed device clock

Standards & more

  • Supply voltage via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
    • Phantom power using data pairs
    • Power over unused wire pairs
    • External power supply is an alternative
  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • High noise resistance for industrial environments
    • Low noise emission for residential and business areas
  • 5 year guarantee

Technical data

Connections and displays:

Voltage input:   0..10V, 1MOhm
Voltage output:   0..10V, Imax 15mA
Network:   10/100BaseT autosensing
IPv6 on request
Galvanic isolation:   Measurement inputs to network: min. 500V
Power supply:   Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or via screw terminal with
DC 18V .. 48V (+/-10%)
Current consumption:   typ. 100mA @24VDC, 60mA @48VDC
max. 120mA @24VDC, 70mA @48VDC
PoE Class 1 (0.44 - 3.84W)
Displays:   1 LED Power
2 LEDs network status
4 LEDs Status and Error

Measuring unit:

Resolution:   Voltage input: 1.25mV
Measuring error:   max. 0.5% FSR (Full Scale Range 0..10V) TA = 0-60°C
Storage frequency:   15, 30 sec., 1, 5, 15, 60 min
Memory depth:   min. 150 days, max. 99 years
Deviation of the internal clock:  

max. 4.32 min. / month (without time server calibration)
max. 3 sec. (with time server calibration)

Measurement value acquisition
(can be polled over the network and
can generate alarms if desired):

Housing and other data:

Housing:   Plastic compact housing for top-hat rail mount
105x22x75mm (LxWxH)
Enclosure rating:   IP20
Ambient storage temperature:   -40..+70°C
Ambient operating temperature:   0 .. +60°C
Scope of delivery:   1x Web-IO Analog-In/Out 2x 0..10V PoE
for DIN rail mount
1x product CD with
WuTility management tool, OPC server,
programming examples for VB/Delphi, SNMP-MIB,
reference manual in German/English