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Press release January 2010:

Twitter as Data Logger

Measurement values available anywhere and anytime

As a rule the desire to make measurement data available anywhere and anytime is associated with considerable installation outlay and a large amount of hardware and infrastructure. A better solution places the measurement data on the Internet with little complexity and makes it possible to use a client to obtain this data simply and from any location.

The micro-blogging service Twitter is especially suited for this. The only other thing you need besides a Web-IO Climate unit from W&T and an Internet connection is a Twitter account. With these prerequisites Twitter can be used as an Internet data logger in just a few steps, not only storing the measurement data but also making it available anywhere in the world. Whether the data is published or login protected is up to the user.

All Web-IO Climate models are capable of cyclically or in alarm states sending tweets to an account. This gives users with a smart phone access anywhere and anytime. Customers who already have a current Web-IO Climate model can profit from this function by simply updating the firmware.

One product example would be the Web-Thermograph NTC PoE, article number 57614, which measures temperatures between 45°C and 75°C, saves and displays the information. The device is available for a list price of EUR 248.00. Other Web-IO Climate devices provide relative humidity and barometric pressure values.

W&T allows you to test any unit without obligation for 30 days.

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