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Monitor and improve air quality

to prevent aerosol infections

Although air quality should play a role not only in times of acute threats caused by highly infectious viruses, it is then that particular attention is paid to it.

According to current understanding a significant fraction of coronavirus infections is caused by aerosols, tiny drops of liquid. These microparticles are given off to our surroundings when we breathe, laugh, speak and of course cough. Because of their very light weight they can remain suspended in room air for long periods of time and contain potentially infectious viruses. Virologist Prof. Christian Drosten asserts that just as many infections are caused by aerosols as by droplet transmission.

This means regular and intensive ventilation is an important component in fighting the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. With the W&T Web Thermometers for VOC and CO2 you can detect and monitor and room air quality and send alarm messages when the value falls below a critical level. This tells you if you have forgotten even once to ventilate.


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