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Web-IO for 230V

The Web-IO 4.0 Digital 230V monitors and switches mains voltages up to 230V over TCP/IP-Ethernet. The Web-IO can be operated directly from the browser.

Support of MQTT and REST makes IoT and Industry 4.0 applications possible. Lilke all Web-IOs the 230V models also support proven industry protocols such as OPC and Modbus/TCP. Sending of email messages, e.g. when power is lost, is just one of many possible applications.

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    We will be happy to provide you with a unit to test at no charge for 30 days:

    • Web-IO 1x230V In, 1xRelay Out
    • Web-IO 230V Relay, 1xNO, 1xCO
    • Web-IO 230V Relay, 4xNO, 4xCO
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    Frank Thiel
    Phone: +49 202/2680-110

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